​​The Mission of the Event Center on the Beach and Curry County Fair is:

“Providing a Premier Event Center to showcase and serve our communities, and Host the Curry County Fair.”

                                 Fair Board History:

The promotion of agriculture in Oregon is traced prior to statehood. In 1853 and 1854 farmers in the counties established agricultural societies to organize and conduct county fairs. These county societies later organized the Oregon State Agricultural Society in 1859 to promote agriculture at the state level.

Although state legislators encouraged these agricultural exhibitions, they chose not to support them financially, rejecting a proposed legislative bill in 1860 to provide funds for state and county agriculture associations. Finally, in 1911, the Legislative Assembly, recognizing the economic importance of agriculture and livestock industries in Oregon, passed a law giving county courts the discretion to appropriate no more than $2,000 annually for an agricultural fair.

In 1913 an Oregon state law authorized county courts to hold agricultural fairs and appoint a county fair board consisting of 3 resident taxpaying citizens of the county. Since 1981 county courts and board of commissioners have had authority to expand the county fair board members to 5 county residents.

The 1913 legislation also called for a tax of one-twentieth of a mill to be levied upon the taxable property of the state and distributed by the state treasurer to each county fair board. In 1969 the Legislative Assembly created the state County Fair Commission to manage and distribute the county fair account among the individual fair boards based on a merit system. Criteria for the county fair merit system include area and population served; attendance and gate receipts; number and type of exhibits; premiums and prizes paid; ground and facilities improvements; and year-round usage of grounds and facilities.

Most county fair boards meet at regular intervals to discuss and plan the upcoming county fair, including budget, advertising, rules and regulations, exhibits and entertainment and event scheduling. Besides the county fair, the board is concerned with issuing licenses and granting permits for public use of the fairgrounds, planning capital improvements on fairgrounds and facilities, and sending delegates and exhibits to participate in the state fair.​


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