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Curry Fair Friends is a non-profit catering company dedicated to serving the freshest and best food for their customers, and will assist with your party rental needs. 

Curry Fair Friends was organized in 1996 by Ron Crook and Brad Wentworth as a means to raise money for repair and maintenance to benefit the Event Center on the Beach. Curry Fair Friends purpose is “To raise funds by various means for the purpose of helping raise sufficient revenue to make the Curry County Fairgrounds as self-sufficient as possible and to benefit the residents of Curry County when needed.”
Curry Fair Friends aids in the support of the annual fair and the event center upkeep and maintenance and works in partnership with the Fair Board to sustain and enhance the property and operations on the Event Center grounds. The Event Center and Curry Fair Friends provide  free community dinners on Thanksgiving and Christmas, open to the public, without charge, and dependent on volunteers and donations.

Curry Fair Friends welcomes new volunteers. If you are interested in working with the Fair Friends, please contact the Fair Office at 541-247-4541 or curryfair@gmail.com

Searching for Volunteers to assist in Annual Free Christmas Dinner
The annual “Free Christmas Dinner” sponsored by Curry Fair Friends, is scheduled for December 25th from noon to 3p.m. at the Event Center on the Beach in Gold Beach.  We are looking for volunteers to assist with set up, serving, greeting and clean up.  Donations of turkeys, hams, canned food items or financial contributions will be appreciated.  Contact the Event Center office at 541-247-4541 or curryfair@gmail.com

Meet your Curry Fair Friends Board Members:
David Hoenie     Bob Chibante     Joan Cooper     Ron Crook     Tracy Ellenbecker    

Bev Giroux     Karen Notestine     Barclay Schaw